Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Canoeing eh??????

So it's like spring........and it's raining.......and the rivers are ya know.....up.........and it's uh........warm......................................maybe we should go canoeing. We definitely should if anyone wants to go. Let me know.

Me as a kid. Holding a toy alligator. I used to think they lived in watertowers.

Who didn't see this picture? It's me when I was a kid. It wasn't altered or anything, just how it came out. Does anybody know what the hell happened? It's a polaroid picture.


Any suggestions on what I should put in that graduate show?

Besides that big fucking dirt pile?

There was the rainbow video.....the music motor......the colored grave photos or the black and white.

I'm pretty excited to see everyone's stuff up all next to each other.

If you didn't see this

Here is a picture of that tray I had to make so I could develop a big photograph. It was so much fun making a print that big. I couldn't do it by myself. Usually the darkroom is so quiet and lonely. No one uses the darkroom which I am actually glad about in a way. If the darkroom was always crowded it would have been hard to do this because I took up the whole sink with my tray and my enlarger was out in the middle of the room. I basically had to take over the whole darkroom and no one would have been able to be in there anyways. Or they would have been annoyed. I guess it's nice the school has another one. These darkrooms are so much better than the one at Mount Adams. That thing was like a little closet in the wall. So tiny. My class had like 8 or 9 people in it too. The darkroom was packed. Either way, I'm so glad Emily Momohara asked me if I wanted to print large because it was such a good experience. Having to lift big buckets of chemicals, having someone help me, actually being scared about the time in there. Usually I'm so relaxed and calm, slow moving, gently rock the trays to move the chemicals. Printing big I needed someone helping me. It was the best when 2 people helped. One person could be handling the tray making sure when we dumped chemicals that the tray got lifted up so all the chemicals would move towards the drain. Another person would help me throw chemicals on, and collect them as they poured out of the drain. This tray held 15 gallons of water and a little over half a gallon of chemical. Usually.....I will need 63 OUNCES of water and 7 ounces of chemicals. 63 ounces for an 8x10 and 15 GALLONS for my big print. It was awesome. I'm leaving the tray here too, in hopes that some kids next year say "hey, I can actually print that big?"


Yes. This is a blog comment from me. It has been 2 months...... I haven't blogged as often as I was supposed to for the senior seminar class..it's true. So this is me blogging. I am finding out how to add some people and then I can start.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is the musical motor thing I have been talking about. I made the video so I could just have it, and it is a good thing I did because the thing broke after an hour. It wasn't bad. The bolt holding the wooden arm attachment broke so the arm couldn't spin with the motor. I think wood is just too heavy to be spun around like that on the wall. With that motor anyway. So I was thinking I could use something lighter like plastic. . I also have video of it on the floor but not with it making music.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks and Sorry too

Thanks to you that filled out a piece of paper for my photograph during the critique today. I'm also sorry that I didn't offer you anything but one image to consider. The comments that told me there wasn't much to even say due to the amount of work presented, were a good thing to see I think, because they were saying the truth. Having the opportunity to see the thought of a viewer that critiqued my work, actually written down made my lack of participation a blunt reality. I appreciate the comments that were left and I hope that what I wrote to people is helpful somehow. Also if anyone has an extra copy of their thesis I could read it and offer suggestions.